Hope Coffee

Hope Coffee has amazing coffee and a fantastic mission. HOPE Coffee was born from mission efforts in Central America.  Through Direct Trade relationships with coffee farmers, we import and roast our own high-quality coffee and share it with hundreds of organizations across the country.  Profits of HOPE Coffee fund service projects in Honduras and Mexico that provide clean water, safe shelter and more to families [...]

Fall leaves and Pumpkin Spice Everything!!!

Fall has just begun and here in Ventura we’ve begun to get our cooler nights and misty mornings. If you are like me, you will Fall to come faster by lighting fall scented candles, making soups and stews for dinner and enjoy pumpkin spice lattes. I will admit I’m not the biggest Pumpkin Spice fanatic. […]

I Can’t Espresso How Much I liked This Podcast

According to Psychology today, it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. That means you have 7 seconds before people judge the kind of person they think you are. When roasting coffee, the purpose of cupping is to identify the taste of coffee in its entirety; to identify the flavors, boldness, acidity, sweetness and […]

How to find a Church

Are you looking for God, or a place to Worship? Follow our five easy steps to finding the right Church for you and your family. How to find a good Church... 1. Start with a search on Google for "Churches near me" 2. Read the "About Us" page on the different Church Websites. Make sure [...]

Find True Love And Strength This Mother’s Day

Sometimes Mother's Day Can Be Rough My firstborn was a full 9 and a half months old by the time my official first Mother’s Day rolled around. Now, as I prepare to celebrate my tenth (and with two more children), he is a full 9 and a half years old!! So much has changed since [...]

Made By Meg Helps In A Big Way

National Nacho Day Assisted By Made By Meg A local community in Ventura California came together on International Nacho day, October 21st, to celebrate their love for this Cuisine. Made By Meg heard about the event and loved the idea. Meg personally OK'd the green light for cooking equipment and food displays to be used [...]