Cars driving on the 101 in Ventura on their way to Lighthouse Church Welcome to Lighthouse 805 Church If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. During Covid-19 our Church building is closed. Please check out our podcast in the meantime. LISTEN TO PODCAST Church members talking after Lighthouse Church service A Great Podcast That's Very Creative Lighthouse teaches creatively from the Bible every week. LISTEN ONLINE Children running to grab eggs in easter egg hunt at Ventura Lighthouse Church Get Connected To An Online Community There is so much happening online. We have weekly video calls to connect and check in. If you would like to join a group contact us. FIND OUT MORE!
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Join us for Church online this weekend.

Due to COVID-19 and the recommendation of the CA Governor, we are canceling church at our physical location. We are also canceling small groups that meet at physical locations.

The Lighthouse 805 Church service can be found here on Sunday. You can also find the service on YouTube by searching ``Lighthouse 805 Church``.

Online Church Service starts at 10am on Sundays

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Lighthouse 805
A Church In Ventura

This local Church in Ventura exists for several reasons. But the main reason is to love Jesus and love all people.

Lighthouse 805 Church in Ventura California is here for you. We are known for our artistic approach to the Bible and how we help people discover Purpose. Lighthouse 805 is a Christian Church that loves Jesus completely and loves all people unconditionally. Sunday morning services at 10 am are comfortable, welcoming, and fun in this historical stained glass Church building. Please check out the podcast for a small sample of what you will experience. Lighthouse Church promises you will feel the Love of Jesus and grow in your faith walk from this artistic preaching style. If you are looking for Churches in Ventura, come check us out on a Sunday.

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This local Church in Ventura is here for you. Thank you for checking out our website, I would love for you to check out our Church in person. Not only do first time guests receive a Starbucks gift card in the mail, visitors feel comfortable and welcomed in their very first visit. People keep coming back to Lighthouse 805 Church for various reasons. What we’ve really seen and noticed are three central needs amongst all members – a need for people to gain an artistic practical application of the word, being part of a loving family community that continues into small groups, and to ultimately discover one’s own Purpose in order to be trained how to implement it into our everyday lives. I want to invite you to come visit our Church sometime.

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Creative Sermons

Lighthouse Church tries to bring the Bible to life in creative and illustrative ways. This is done through unique sermon series and applicable messages every week. One of our favorite Sermon Series was “Camp”, we looked at the different components of a campground compared the different aspects of a believer. Through the series we continued adding illustrations to the Church decor as the Sermon reflected that piece. Check out the Campfire Sermon relating to the image above.

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Close Community

Sunday mornings are welcoming and comfortable and it will feel like you belong the moment you arrive. We have several things that develop community in our Church. People bring in fruit and vegetables from personal & local gardens to share. Small groups happen throughout the week to talk about the creative sermons and life. One of our Church members goes fishing several times a year and brings in amazing sashimi to share.

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Discover Purpose

Jesus has placed a divinely unique Purpose on all of our lives. The first step to living out that purpose is to discover how God has crafted you. Ephesians 4 talks about the giftings placed on everyone. We have crafted a test for you to discover what gifting you have. After taking the test, be encouraged and choose to grow in how Jesus has built you. We are here to help you grow.

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The Church building represents the life of a believer. Our physical body might look the exact same after inviting Jesus into our lives but what happens on the inside is miraculous. The transformation a person goes through is a creative artistic process that only Jesus could undertake. Every message and sermon serious is an expression of God’s love shown in a artistic way. The promise of our Church is that you will hear the Gospel in a new way that brings Hope in every stage of life. Our children’s ministry also uses creative ways to show our kids how much Jesus loves them in a creative way.

The old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, applies to believers and our Church building. Pastor Matt challenges you to step out in Faith in coming to hear a Holy Spirit inspired message that will bring the Word of God out in a new way to receive.

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Enjoy our local Ventura podcast. Our sermons are encouraging and uplifting with an artistic twist. Each podcast is perfect for commuting. There is no better way to start your day than with the Word of God building us up.

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