A Temple for the Name of the Lord

Now I am about to build a temple for the Name of the LORD my God and to dedicate it to him for burning fragrant incense before him, for setting out the consecrated bread regularly, and for making burnt offerings every morning and evening and on the Sabbaths, at the New Moons and at the appointed festivals of the LORD our God. This is a lasting ordinance for Israel. “The temple I am going to build will be great, because our God is greater than all other gods. But who is able to build a temple for him, since the heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain him? Who then am I to build a temple for him, except as a place to burn sacrifices before him? 2 Chronicles 2:4-6

Solomon sets out to build the temple for the Lord that his father David had intended in his heart to build. When David prayed to God about his intentions, God told David that he was a mighty warrior and his hands had shed much blood. Because of that David would not be the one to build this temple, but rather it would be his son that would build the temple. David was so excited he prepared all the plans and materials for building the temple, ensuring everything would be ready for Solomon to carry out the desire of his heart. And Solomon was up to the task. With God’s help, Solomon had peace on every side and the foundation was laid in Solomon’s fourth year and the temple completed seven years later.