Christmas decorated bowl with advent candles

Day 6 of Advent

And He shall stand and shepherd and guide His flock In the strength of the Lord , In the majesty of the name of the Lord His God; And they shall dwell [secure in undisturbed peace], Because at that time He shall be great [extending His authority] [Even] to the ends of the earth. This One [the Messiah] shall be our peace. Micah 5:4‭-‬5 AMP

At the time this was written the nation of Israel was in pretty bad shape. They turned their backs on God and were under attack from foreign enemies. It’s probably safe to say they were pretty hopeless, broken and in pain. And even though the people blatantly rejected God, He still delivered a promise. A promise of peace.

Whatever you’re going through today, know that it’s not hopeless, you are not hopeless. God made a promise and he always delivers. He loves you for who you are at this very moment in your life. He promises that there’s NOTHING that can separate us from his love (read Romans 8:35-39).

So take a deep breath, give God your worries and receive His peace. I know it seems like it’s easier said than done, trust me God has challenged me in this a lot lately, but it really is as simple as trusting in the almighty. And I can tell you firsthand, His peace is so sweet!