Use Power for Good

As for the donkeys you lost three days ago, do not worry about them; they have been found. And to whom is all the desire of Israel turned, if not to you and your whole family line?” Saul answered, “But am I not a Benjamite, from the smallest tribe of Israel, and is not my clan the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin? Why do you say such a thing to me?” 1 Samuel 9:20-21

A mid 1800s English historian and politician Sir John Dalberg-Acton made a remark that is still used today, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Such is the case with many of the kings of Israel. It is harder to find a bad king than a good king. Some kings start off good, but power and allowed ungodly influences turned them to bad kings. Such it was with Israel’s first human king, King Saul. He started off humble and good, but turned into a bad king that God removed and replaced with King David. As believers we are given much power as adopted sons of God. Jesus is our example of using absolute power for good, not bad. Check yourself regularly by being in worship, being in prayer, being in Godly service, being in the Word, and being in regular fellowship with your church. May your walk with God reflect the life of one fully submitted to our King.