I Will Bless Who I Will Bless

When you come to the Ammonites, do not harass them or provoke them to war, for I will not give you possession of any land belonging to the Ammonites. I have given it as a possession to the descendants of Lot.” Deuteronomy 2:19

This command is the same as God gave the nation of Israel concerning Moab (v.9) and Edom (v.5) on their way to Canaan, the Promised Land. These lands were possessions of key figures in the Genesis story, Ammon son of Lot by his younger daughter, Moab son of Lot by his older daughter, and Esau (Edom) son of Isaac and the older fraternal twin of Jacob. There is a lot that could be pointed out for God not blessing each of these nations based on their ancestral history, but God in his plan has provided a certain level of blessing for each of these, but also each faced judgment. The Israelites could comply with God to bless who He wants to bless. Are you able to accept God’s choices also? May your heart always be soft, not hard toward God, able to hear and follow Him. We may not always see what God is doing, but we can always trust that He is just and loving.