Breaking the Mold

The high priest, the one among his brothers who has had the anointing oil poured on his head and who has been ordained to wear the priestly garments, must not let his hair become unkempt or tear his clothes. He must not enter a place where there is a dead body. He must not make himself unclean, even for his father or mother, nor leave the sanctuary of his God or desecrate it, because he has been dedicated by the anointing oil of his God. I am the LORD. Leviticus 21:10-12

It was a privilege to be chosen as High Priest. But there was also a high price to go with the high office. Having been dedicated by the anointing oil of God, the High Priest’s life is forever one of dedication. Today’s scripture spells out some of the restriction on the High Priest. We’ve shared previously how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross signaled the end of the necessity of the Old Testament priesthood. With Jesus as our High Priest we have someone who can emphasize with our weaknesses. We have a High Priest who was tempted just as we are, but He did not sin. All High Priests are appointed, they offered sacrifices each year for the people, but Jesus broke the mold. He not only was the sacrifice, He made it once for all, no more sacrifices needed. And now He is seated at the right hand of God. If you ever felt you needed someone on your side, someone who would understand when you think no one could understand, someone who has stood in your shoes and came out victorious. Jesus is the one. Call on Him. He is ready to answer your call.