Nest – Soaring

Nest – Soaring

This is the final session in our Nest series. This week focuses on what it means to leave the next and soar! Catch the vision from flight, understand the mission, and join with God and others to see it through.

Nest – Learning to Fly

Eventually there’s going to come a time to leave the nest and soar. Are you ready? Can you recognize when you’re ready? Just like the mama bird can judge when it’s time to nudge… God will nudge us out of the comfort we’re living in, to the future He holds for us.

Nest – Before You Fly

So you’ve hatched, but now you have to grow up before you can fly. You have to shed those baby feathers and build those muscles in your wings. If you don’t take this time and season; you’re probably gonna experience “failure to launch”.

Nest – Forming a Brood

Continuing in our Nest series, seeing the church through the lens of a nest and its lifecycle; this week looks at what happens once the baby birds hatch and discover they’re not alone in the nest. In fact, we’re all in it together. We’re better together!

Nest – Hatching

This Sunday we’re talking about the work of the believer to breakthrough to the next thing God has for us. Like a baby bird in the egg, at some point you have to hatch if you’re going to have a life. Tune in to learn how to recognize and navigate the shell you’re in. You […]

Nest – Incubation of the Egg

Part 2 of our Nest series (exploring the roles of life in and around a nest as it relates to a pastor and the church) – continues with the process of laying and incubating the egg. Did you know an egg can not survive on its own? It needs the protection of its location, the […]

Nest – Building the Nest

This week starts our new Nest series; where we’ll take a look at the relationship between pastor and believer, parent / child, or spiritual parent to spiritual child. The life in and around the Nest. In Building the Nest – we look at setting the infrastructure and foundations for building a home. The purpose of […]