How Do I Feel Accepted?

Most of us spend our entire lives trying to earn acceptance. We try to earn it from our parents, friends, partners, people we respect, and even people we envy. The desire to be accepted drives us to do all kinds of things. It can influence the kind of clothes we wear, the kind of car we drive, the kind of house we buy, and even the career we choose.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You may have accepted Jesus into your life, but if you’ve been living this way then you probably haven’t realized that Christ has accepted you!

You don’t have to earn his acceptance; you don’t have to prove yourself. You just have to believe it, because it’s true.

Coming to this realization will transform your life in so many ways, here are three of them:

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1 – Feeling accepted by God will lead to true peace and fulfillment.

One of the main things we must do is remove the stake we place in other people’s support and opinions of us. Our emotions will be on a roller coaster until we do.

Instead, we have to place ALL of our confidence in Christ. We’ll experience stability and peace, because Christ is stable and unchanging in his love and care for us. Malachi 3:6 says that “For I the Lord do not change…”.

When our stability is solidly in Christ, things that other people do or say will simply stop affecting us in the way it used to. We need to remind ourselves that the only acceptance we need is God’s acceptance, and choose today to free ourselves from the opinions of others.

Choosing to give our heart to Jesus means opening ourselves up to an entirely new way of thinking, feeling, and seeing. But it also means opening ourselves up to complete acceptance and unconditional love.

2 – Feeling accepted by God will remove the fear of judgement and comparison.

In a world where social media consumes most of our time, we know that people are looking into our lives, we know we’re being judged or compared to someone else constantly so we put on this facade of a life that looks good to others, this can suck the life out of us and I get it, we all want to feel accepted so we do what the world does. The desire to fit in somewhere lies within all of us.

The thing is we search for acceptance in the wrong places and almost always end up disappointed because the acceptance of people is so conditional, we always have to meet  a certain criteria to maintain that acceptance which means continuing to act like someone we’re not, continuing to compare, judge and compete…it’s an ongoing cycle that leads only to rejection and heartache.

See, if we are living to make sure that others love us, we’re giving them permission to evaluate us based on what we do — we’re giving people the power to determine our self-worth which never ends well.

We need to realize that we belong with God, and until we seek our acceptance from Him, we will always feel just a little bit like an outsider. But when we seek to please Christ alone, in whom our identity is hidden, that is when we will finally be free of judgement and comparison.

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3 – Feeling accepted by God will give us hope for the future.

Before we realize that all we really need is God’s acceptance, we’re on this constant battle of trying to please everyone and trying to take on different identities with different people in order to secure a better future.

But, when we realize our standing with God we seek to glorify Christ in the gifts and talents he has uniquely chosen for us and not get lost in the joy-sucking pursuit of being something God never created us to be. By doing this, we feel a hope for the future because we become so aligned with God’s plan for our lives and so content with his acceptance that we stop straying away from him to become someone we’re not for others.

Galatians 1:10 : Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.


Meditate on the scripture above and you will realize that for as long as you keep trying to please other people, you will not be able to properly serve Christ because trying to find acceptance in others will cause you to be everyone but yourself and God needs you to be you.


He made you unique, there is no one else in the world like you and you’ve already been accepted for exactly who you are so stop trying to find acceptance from those around you.

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Matt Russell